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Desert in Dark


Meet the first-of-its-kind, consumer-facing counterpart to Command. Go to your consumer portal to launch your personalized app, collect valuable consumer insights, and lay the groundwork for relationships that last a lifetime.


So much more than just search, the all-new KW App aptly fuses consumer preference with agent expertise.

Your business, only smarter

All the power of AI, machine learning, and your expertise work to revolutionize the client experience within the KW App. With efficiency and personalization baked into every genius layer, the new KW App is essential to your business.

"[The KW App] is a new experience built on voyeurism to search to buying to contract to close to ownership."

Garry Keller


Transaction Transparency

If you could spend your days solely focused on client relationships and dollar-productive activities, would you? Put your energy where your bottom line is and remove yourself from the endless paperwork cycle. The KW App keeps you on the beat and lets you set the tempo.

Beyond the Closing Table

On average, clients buy or sell real estate every 7 to 10 years. If communication lapses, opportunities are missed. The KW App helps you stay in touch throughout the homeownership journey, naturally filling in the gaps between buying and selling with your value and expertise.

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